About Us


Charity begins at home, our honourable founders, Dr. Sk. Md. Lutfar, Kaustav Pratihar & Ruma Halder taken the initiative to do something better for the downtrodden, the leprosy and the stigmatized. In their unique approach with love and support, found Goutam Chowdhary who extended his support, the charity went on and thereby the journey stated since 15th August 2008 and named as JIGACHA SMILE WELFARE SOCIETY and in the year 2010 it took the form of a legally democratically formed organization.


JIGACHA SMILE WELFARE SOCIETY is an autonomous, nonprofit seeking, apolitical, social welfare oriented, and secular philanthropic voluntary organization; committed to enlighten the dark side of the society irrespective of caste creed and sex. The organization is naturally the cause of satisfaction to heart contentment of its likeminded members, volunteers and benefactors. The organizations is bestowed with the natal conviction of little act of charity which has never let it down. JSWS is affluent with the blessings and well wishes of the distressed, naked, sick and hungry as it has always made an earnest endeavour to satiate and necessitate them with all means of recourses .To the most it looks forward to a comprehensive and materialistic development.


JIGACHA SMILE WELFARE SOCIETY visualizes an environment free from contamination, a society emancipated from exploitation, corruption, extortion with equality of justice, where the disadvantaged receive what all the deserve by rights, and acquire knowledge of the opportunities that await, with adequate awareness to literacy, health, hygiene, family planning, higher and technical education for sustainable socio-economic advancement. It will incorporate the thought and feeling in every human for protection of the Nature to save generations next from the impending perils of disasters and restore the equilibrium by means of massive creation of sylvan clime and generation of awareness among every level of people.


Established of a dispensary and diagnostic centre for the poor people.

Establishment of home for the destitute and distressed Women.

Establishment of Skill Development University.

Establishment of an old age home for the Women/aged widows.

Sponsorship of the orphan children for their holistic development.

Provide Skill Development Training to 10,000 Youths in next financial year.

To provide Skill Development Training and Livelihood Development for Person with Disabilities (PWDs).

Technical training school for youths.

Establishment of rehabilitation centre for the sex worker.


It’s always been especial for me to introduce my organisation JIGACHA SMILE WELFARE SOCIETY, in public domain as it’s been 10 Years now I am attached with this esteemed organisation, since its inception in the year 2010 being a founder member and currently working as chief functionary and secretary, I recently had the pleasure and privilege of conducting workshops covering all the personnel of the organization of whose work had enlighten the organization.

The workshops program was the first of a series intended to be held over the coming months on such issues as motivation, philosophy of functioning, the value systems we live and work by, our vision, and other areas only indirectly connected with their daily “grind” but which surely, affect their relationships with each other and with their patients. The response from all groups (which were as heterogeneous as such a multi-tasking and widespread organization demands) was strangely similar, in that all revealed the same values and the same vision even if expressed in different ways.

In the year 2010 when we started the journey with 6 active persons namely Dr. Sk. MD Lutfar, Dr. Sudersan Manna, Suprabhab Pratihar, Somnath Koley (Ram da), Biman Bag and myself started work in the under privileged areas of Mou Khal (Garfa area/Santragachi) organising Free Health Camp, supply of Mother and Child Nutrition and other Health Requirement. I really thank this person from my heart for their valuable time and voluntary contribution towards the organisation and the society.

Our Work continues with the opportunity to set up our Medical Camp at Ganga Sagar Mela since 2012 with recognition from DM Office and CMOH in South 24 Parganas District and in 2021 it will be our 10th Year in Ganga Sagar Mela.

We set up our first Office at JAGACHA ARABINDO SANGHA on 16.02.2013 and started a Vocational Training Institute on 04.03.2013 from there on we started functioning in the field of Livelihood Development and this Institute get Government recognition on 03.06.2013 from NCVT, MES, SDIS, Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of INDIA. And from there on we completed training of more than 7000 (Seven Thousand) Youth in different trade under different department of Central and State Government.

In current Date we had 26 Training Institute in 6 Different District of West Bengal and affiliated under different Departments of Central and State Government. Perusing Training around 2650 Youth in this centres in current date.

I Congratulations to all concerned and deepest gratitude to all those generous people all over the nation whose effort and good wishes have made it possible for Jigacha Smile Welfare Society to carry on.