Community Training Programme

The rural population is by and large ignorant of modern ways of good and healthy living. So JIGACHA SMILE WELFARE SOCIETY (JSWS), organized awareness camps, meetings, talks, corner meetings, in the target area to educate people about personal hygiene and health, immunization, home and environmental sanitation, safe drinking water, prevention and cure of common diseases, care of the sick, mother and child care, nutrition, family planning etc. In rural areas medical facilities are not easily available to the people.

To meet this grave situation JIGACHA SMILE WELFARE SOCIETY (JSWS) has started providing training for the rural youths and women regarding different health issues like HIV/AIDS, Adolescence, STD, TB etc. In those one day training classes we provide good trainer. We cover thousand of people in those training classes.


JSWS run Training Classes on Health Issues for rural youths and women.