Environmental Program

Global warming, deforestation and other environmental issues might be pushing the world towards its doomsday and haunting the green army, but we tend to care little about these as they don't have in your face impact. The egocentric nature of the people and the tendency to put the issues on the backburners .Talking about students' purse, what is really interesting is that their knowledge about environmental problems is far from concrete and is only at a superficial level. They have little idea of what to do to protect the natural ecology. When they hear examples of what the tragic things befalling the environment, they are shocked and begin showing interest. As they learn about the problems human beings are faced with, they gradually become serious in their approach to this topic.

A quote from the Bible: - a big mistake when reading Revelation is to think that God expects us to be innocent bystanders while the angels and demons slug it out. Revelation is a message to engage in the struggle against the evil that is occurring, not to tune it out. Revelation 11:18 records the following: "the time has come for judging the dead and for rewarding your servants the prophets and your saints and those who reverence your name, both small and great – and for destroying those who destroy the earth." If you are part of the destruction of the environment, then God will judge you for it. The environmental disasters today are human – caused, not the result of angelic beings, and therefore humans will be held accountable. On the other hand if you show reverence for God's name by caring for the world he has made, then you will be rewarded for it. You will almost certainly need to leave a legacy to your children. Do you want to leave them with a huge rubbish tip that they will curse you for, or a beautiful planet that can reveal something of the Creators glory?
In this regard JIGACHA SMILE WELFARE SOCIETY organizes sit n draw competition for school children.

The topics in the seminar ranged from– vehicular pollution, pollution by industries, depletion of forests, illegal felling of trees, etc.

As citizens of this country, students need to understand that there is a real threat to forests and wildlife. There is tremendous pressure on forests and unsustainable removals and threat of massive destruction and wild life habitat. Everyone and the institution they are part of, has to play the assigned role to the best of one's capability to save India's forests and wild life. Apart from getting theoretical knowledge, they are given some live projects so that the students can have some practical experience.

What is needed most is commitment and dedication towards first understanding the problem in hand and towards the cause of protection, preservation and conservation of environment.