Health Awareness

Awareness camps conducted on healthissues : awareness among Children, women and aged people.

Awareness Camps were held on a regular basis for the people of remote areas of Howrah. It portrayed that people in the villages lack in knowledge of Health related issues and have very little knowledge about Health and Hygiene, little or no communication with Doctors regarding Different Health Problem. Our Medical Board found that people of those area suffers from many communicable diseases like TB, Leprosy, Skin Diseases etc. Our extensive study showed that the level of knowledge and awareness about Health problem were extremely low among people in slumareas.

We tried to inculcate the feeling amongst the gathered community which was around sizeable number of heads, from both sexes that we are part of them and that they should came forward with their problems and we are eager to help them out.We had a constructive plan to Organize it on a much larger scale every month and we conducted the awareness camp every month in and around Howrah District, knowledge of the proper Health and Hygiene aid them in becoming healthy citizen in days to come.

In our Camp we also provide free medical chekup and treatment and also provide freeHomeopathic medicine as per our stock

Community Health Programme

The rural population is by and large ignorant of modern ways of good and healthy living. So JIGACHA SMILE WELFARE SOCIETY (JSWS), organized awareness camps, meetings, talks, corner meetings, in the target area to educate people about personal hygiene and health, immunization, home and environmental sanitation, safe drinking water, prevention and cure of common diseases, care of the sick, mother and child care, nutrition, family planning etc.In rural areas medical facilities are not easily available to the people.

It takes hour to reach even any primary health center run by the State Government; under such circumstances people are left practically without medicare and helpless when they fall ill. To meet this grave situation JIGACHA SMILE WELFARE SOCIETY (JSWS) has started a Charitable Dispensary at Garpa, Unsani.Medicines are provided free of cost under competent supervision of Doctors. Over 3 Health check – up camps were organized every months and free medicines were duly distributed in the villages of Garpa ,Haritala , Halderpara , Sitalatala & Jigacha. In the field of preventive measures eye check – up camps has been taken up. Monthly health camps were also organized by the Society.

JSWS run Training Classes on Health Issues for rural youths and women.